Marine Biology
Marine Biology is a branch of the Biology that takes care of the study of the alive beings who inhabit marine means. Thus different specialties within this field from exciting study arise, such as: ichthyology, (study of the fish), malacología (study of molluscs), ficología (study of the seaweed), ornithology (study of the marine birds), cetología (study of the cetaceans), among others. ,
Chile is located in the western coast of South America and counts with more than 4,000 kilometers of coat in front of the Pacific Ocean.
Factories November - December 2009

Objective of the excursion
• Introducir to the students in the thematic ones commonly developed in the scope of Sciences of the sea.
• Desarrollar theoretical and practical activities that they exemplify the professional development of a Marine Biologist. , ,
Daily activities
First day
Introduction to Sciences of the Sea. “ rocky and sandy Between tides Visita ”
Secondly day
Aquiculture fishes and. “ Visita the creek of fishermen and its cultures ”
Third day
Communitarian analysis. “ marine Ecology ”
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The news and announcements
A Spanish ship explores the Ecuadorian Coast,to read more
Latin American Congress of Marine Sciences begins in Cuba,to read but
The Arctic undergoes biological changes already,To read but
Sperm whales would help to fight the climatic change,
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